COVID-19 and the call centre: Frost & Sullivan analysts assess the CX impact on BPOs and solution providers

The market research firm brings together analysts from around the world to look at what business process outsourcers are doing to keep CX standards high

COVID-19 has been an object lesson for solution providers and business process outsourcers in having the right tools to maintain a consistent customer experience, according to a panel of Frost & Sullivan analysts from around the world.

In a virtual event that was broadcast Wednesday, the Santa Clara, Calif.-based market research firm’s experts talked about the key areas of investment those running contact centres will need to upgrade their CX amid the pandemic.

The analysts said technologies such as artificial intelligence, robotic process automation and virtual agents are now “must-haves” within organizations and the use of cloud computing will accelerate as more firms employ a remote workforce. BPOs, meanwhile, will need to step up the security, stability and the quality of their services.

“The bad news is that employee (experiences) are at the bottom of their list, and it’s a critical error,” she said.

The full virtual event is available to watch on-demand for free, but otherwise subscribe or log in to learn:

  • The biggest process gaps the pandemic has exposed
  • The differences across APEC, Europe, Latin America and N.A.
  • The “old workhorse” technology that’s still providing value

Call Centre Agents Working From Anywhere

Alexander Michael, Frost’s director of ICT consulting in Europe, provided a perfect example of where some elements of CX have failed miserably for solution provides and BPOs.

While the lockdowns in many countries have led to

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