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NTT CX benchmark report’s authors say the time for iterative change is over

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NTT CX benchmark report’s authors say the time for iterative change is over

NTT 2020 Customer Experience Benchmark Report

Top CX performers collaborate on design, have a formal ‘Voice of the Customer’ program, use analytics to see blind spots and are good at defining how their work is part of an organizational strategy, according to a benchmark report produced by NTT.

The global technology services company based the findings on 1,020 survey respondents representing 13 industry sectors, and drawn from 79 countries from five regions. It has been producing its report for 22 years, starting with research that was more narrowly focused on call centre environments.

According to NTT SVP of customer experience Rob Allman, the 2020 Global Customer Experience Benchmark Report was developed prior to the spread of COVID-19, but he suggested there will be no difficulty in seeing how the results should be applied amid pandemic.

NTT CX study

“The questions have never been more relevant in terms of market transitions we’re seeing now,” Allen said during an online presentation of the findings.

You can download the full 40-plus page report in its entirety for free, or listen to the hour-long webinar, but otherwise subscribe or sign in to learn the key takeaways that stood out to me, and some of the NTT execs’ most insightful comments.

The Time Is Now

While many experts have advocated for

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