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10 must-read stories from 360 Magazine’s first 100 newsletters

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10 must-read stories from 360 Magazine’s first 100 newsletters

I could have chosen these articles based on the traffic they got.

I could have based the decision on how often they were shared on LinkedIn, or the comments.

Instead I decided to be highly subjective.

These are stories I’m most proud to have written, which taught me the most and which I feel would be valuable to CX practitioners at every level. I hope you enjoy them.

1. How to adapt CX metrics amid the shift to digital-first experiences
This is a topic that will only become more relevant as we grapple with what is hopefully the tail end of the pandemic. Some fantastic insights here from Cyara, Reputation, Simplr and others.

2. Why the UX and CX silos need to be broken to deliver better experiences
Long before I began covering the CX community I had edited a publication that focused a lot on user experience design. This story was a way to address what I’d noticed was a growing standoff between two important disciplines.

3. Inside the quest for a single source of CX truth from Discover, Comcast and others
I based this story on a session from last year’s DX Summit and found it got into some helpful technical considerations around customer data platforms (CDPs), cloud-based data warehouses, monitoring tools and more.

4. Sam’s Club VP shares the people, product and digital changes that led member’s to ‘expect something special
One of the earliest big features on 360, this is a deep dive into how a major retailer was already making big CX adjustments, just a few months before COVID-19 broke out.

5. Reputation’s chief customer officer identifies the role of sentiment and emotion in CX success
Jason Grier gave me a fantastic interview on the concept of what his firm calls reputation experience management (RXM), and why it matters. This is really about the “Now what?” of CX, or operationalizing data.

6. What the ‘Great Resignation’ means for CX careers
It appears the employee exodus is not slowing down. I talked to execs from Evive,, ibex and others about the long-term impact of the labor market shift that is taking place across almost every sector.

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7. A former bartender serves up his approach to a voice of the customer program
It was impossible not to listen to Jay Callery from Phillip’s health-care division speak at a CX Network event in 2021 without smiling. Besides being likeable, though, there were some much-needed examples here on pinpointing sources of organic feedback and how to identify customer objectives.

8. How Generali’s chief customer officer is helping the insurance giant become a ‘lifetime partner’
One of the best keynotes of its kind that I’ve sat through. It’s all here: the focus on employee experience, a framework based on customer and distributor behaviors and even a manifesto that encapsulates a particularly humane CX vision.

9. ASAPP chief experience officer reflects on what he learned on the front lines as an agent
My conversation with Michael Lawder was filled with what felt like highly credible truths about what really goes on within contact centers, and the kind of leadership that will be necessary to guide their evolution.

10. 5 reasons Ted Lasso might make an ideal chief customer officer
Quite possibly my favourite Editor’s Note, and a good reminder to keep looking for CX inspiration wherever you can find it.

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