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Why I’m joining the board of CXPA Toronto

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Why I’m joining the board of CXPA Toronto

I have, as they say, some personal news: I am thrilled to announce I have joined the board of CXPA Toronto.

When I first launched to provide news, information and insight for customer experience professionals, I immediately recognized the important role the Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA) plays in serving this community.

As I learned during my time in the CIO and marketing communities, the best industry associations often provide value on multiple levels.

They can help members educate their co-workers, including senior leadership, about the importance of their function and the objectives they share. In other words, they can make you feel a lot less lonely when you’re trying (and struggling) to lead change in an organization.

Industry associations can also be a great way for members to build their personal brand by providing avenues to share their success stories and teach the best practices they’ve learned on the front lines. And of course they spark conversations among peers that are essential for long-term career growth.

At CXPA Toronto I have an opportunity to give back to the CX community in ways that go beyond my work as a journalist. That said, I should note a few things for the benefit of my audience here, namely:

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  1. I will maintain my editorial independence while covering anything related to the CXPA and its members.
  2. The scope of my coverage on 360 Magazine is not limited to Toronto but will continue to be globale.
  3. My work with the board of CXPA Toronto is not an editorial partnership or media sponsorship with 360 Magazine. This is a voluntary position and I will not be accepting payment of any kind.

This is also a great opportunity to learn from the rest of the board, led by Lawrence Levinson, M.A.Sc., P. Biol, CCXP and including Roger PugsleySandra Greene, CCXP, Natasha Renaud, CCXP, Wally Thiessen and Derek Bildfell. My hope is by helping them and the CXPA Toronto membership, my work on 360 Magazine will only become more well-informed and relevant to the people who need it.

I’m so grateful to my friend and CX mentor Stephan Sigaud for introducing me to CXPA Toronto, and to work with Lawrence and this board to build upon the work he did as past president.

If you’re a CXPA Toronto member, feel free to connect with me at any time to chat about how we can help you succeed in 2021 and beyond.

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