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How holiday shopping customer experience strategies will change amid COVID-19

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How holiday shopping customer experience strategies will change amid COVID-19

holiday shopping CX strategy

Shoppers crowding the aisles looking for presents. Long lineups at the checkout. Everyone picking up items, fondling them and then putting them down again.

We all know what the customer experience during the holiday season has traditionally looked like. What it will look like this year is a little less clear.

After a period when almost all retailers were completely shut down for weeks or even months, brands might see this year’s holiday shopping season as one of their few potential bright spots.

Those hopes are clouded, however, by uncertainty around how many consumers will actually come back into physical stores, and who will opt for e-commerce instead. Even for those who make an in-store visit, there are new expectations around what constitutes a safe environment.

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The Power Of MVPs

There haven’t been many lucky breaks for companies in 2020, but Shannon Symalla can think of at least one.

While articulating a strategic vision and gaining buy-in is sometimes an uphill battle, the vice-president of Customer Experience at Rockaway, N.J.-based Party City International said she was

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