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Dynamic Yield VP discusses how XP Squared will teach experience optimization skills

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Dynamic Yield VP discusses how XP Squared will teach experience optimization skills

Dynamic Yield XP Squared

The challenges of learning how to personalize the use of digital tools customers use and drive higher conversion activities has led Dynamic Yield to launch XP Squared, a learning hub focusing on developing experience optimization skills and best practices.

Available free of charge, Dynamic Yield said XP Squared would offer an on-demand model for learners, who would most likely be marketers. The hub includes more than 120 in-depth articles and playbooks alongside more than 60 course lesson and other resources.

Yaniv Navot, global VP of marketing, Dynamic Yield, talks about the launch of XP Squared
Yaniv Navot, global VP of marketing, Dynamic Yield

Founded in Israel, Dynamic Yield offers technology that integrates with content management systems to personalize experience and offer product recommendations similar to Amazon. Although its customers include Urban Outfitters and Ikea, the company made headlines around the world last year when it was acquired by McDonald’s, reportedly to enhance the QSR giant’s drive-though experiences.

While the company already offers extensive support and education exclusive to its customers (as part of the onboarding process, for example), Dynamic Yield global vice-president of marketing Yaniv Navot said XP Squared will be positioned as its own brand and will include instructors from academia and agencies in addition to its own staff.

“We saw that customers and prospects had a need and thirst for knowledge,” Navot told 360 Magazine, noting that areas such as personalization and conversion rate optimization have

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