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Morphio CEO quantifies the marketing mistakes that could ruin brands’ CX hopes

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Morphio CEO quantifies the marketing mistakes that could ruin brands’ CX hopes

Morphio agency mistakes

Brands often rely on third parties like agencies to help them create a compelling customer experience, but recent research from a startup called Morphio shows much of the work they do is error-prone and risks damaging relationships with the intended audience.

Toronto-based Morphio, which describes itself as a maker of “marketing security” software based on artificial intelligence (AI) technology, found 60 per cent of agency decision makers polled see errors happening in their firm each week.

Morphio CEO Eric Vardon

This may not be merely an issue of resources, either: firms with more than seven million in revenue saw nearly eight mistakes a week, versus smaller firms that saw less than five.

“Mistakes happen but it’s a matter of learning and testing and knowing how to optimize,” Morphio CEO Eric Vardon told 360 Magazine. “When those mistakes are left too long, they become incrementally troublesome for the business, agency or person. It what causes us to be stressed out, or just really busy.”

All the data is publicly available in Morphio’s ‘Agency Confessions’ report, but subscribe or log in to hear Vardon’s take on the numbers, and how CX professionals could reduce the kinds of snafus that might make customers walk away from a brand.

Facepalm moments

Where are agencies screwing up the most? The report didn’t show an overwhelming majority in a single area, but many of them should be of particular interest to CX execs. These included

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