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‘Remarkable Retail’ author Steve Dennis identifies CX essentials to win and keep customers amid COVID-19

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‘Remarkable Retail’ author Steve Dennis identifies CX essentials to win and keep customers amid COVID-19

Steve Dennis Remarkable Retail

Of the eight essentials Steve Dennis says retailers need to continue winning and keep customers, he admits that five of them have already become table stakes. It’s what they’ll do about the remaining three that may ultimately determine their fate during and after COVID-19.

In more than 30 years in the retail sector, for example, Dennis has talked and written extensively about the need for merchants to become digitally-enabled, to embrace mobile technologies and even to be “human centered” in the way they approach shoppers. His new book, Remarkable Retail, documents not only why these elements are important, but why so many organizations fail to master them.

“It’s just incredibly difficult to predict what’s going to happen,” Dennis said during a “virtual book launch” that included an appearance from marketing guru Seth Godin and a panel discussion with retail industry experts. “It’s so easy to fall further and further behind. It’s also too easy to assume we’ll have time to catch up when the consumer changes, or the technology changes.”

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The truth about omnichannel

In the strategic framework that provides the foundation for Remarkable Retail, Dennis shows a sort of virtuous circle that could transform customer experiences. However the biggest areas of opportunity he highlighted include

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