Gartner analyst shows the link between CX data and company growth (especially when product managers are involved)

Jessica Ekholm suggests survey research should be complemented by technologies that gather real-time analytics

Market research firm Gartner Inc. has made a statistical link between the degree to which a company uses customer experience data and its overall business performance, while also highlighting the strong role product managers play. 

In its report, Growing Companies Are More Actively Collecting CX Data Than Nongrowth Companies surveyed 214 people at the manager level or above across seven countries as part of a larger project exploring product development.

Among companies that grew revenue between 2018-2019 and expected more of the same this year, a large majority of 80% use customer surveys to gather CX data. This compares with 58% of non-growth companies.

In an interview with 360 Magazine, Gartner research vice-president Jessica Ekholm provided more details (including several key charts) and context around the survey results.

Across both B2B and B2C respondents overall, for example, 67 per cent said

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