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A former P&G ‘troublemaker’ has no problem explaining what customers really want

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A former P&G ‘troublemaker’ has no problem explaining what customers really want

He’s now worked at multiple Fortune 500 companies with the title “Chief Troublemaker, but the reality is that Dustin Garis is really trying to solve one of the most common problems brands face.

Speaking at this week’s online-only Adobe Summit, the Charlotte, N.C.-based futurist and innovation specialist was recalling his days at Procter and Gamble, where he worked in the P&G FutureWorks division trying to help the company keep up with the increasing pace of change.

Garis’ efforts to help companies like P&G better connect with Millennials and other customer segments ultimately took him on a global quest across 50 countries and six continents. What he learned could serve as a customer experience (CX) guidepost for those trying to determine if their strategy will really work.

From Russia, with insight

Garis first embarked on his global tour because P&G was being buffeted by several issues at once. This included the threat of

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