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Skittles and Doritos execs give a taste of what it takes to boost CX for snack brands

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Skittles and Doritos execs give a taste of what it takes to boost CX for snack brands

Doritos Skittles CX customer experience

The customer experience of snack brands seems pretty simple at first: open the bag, pour them in your hand, move your hand to your mouth, and enjoy the deliciousness.

Whether the bag in question contains little chocolates or potato chips, one would think brands can do little to enhance the customer experience other than make the product taste better, or perhaps make the bags more attractive and easier to open.

Snack brands don’t often have the power to control many other elements of the experience, such as how easy their products are to find in a grocery store or convenience store. There’s not a lot of “service and support” to be done once the snacks have been eaten.

Snacks like candy or chips tend to be indulgences at best and guilty pleasures at worst. What can brands realistically do to create a particular feeling as part of the customer experience of choosing them?

Both Mars-owned Skittles and Frito-Lay’s Doritos can prove that snack brands are not only able to create experiences their biggest fans will never forget, but that their ability to do so prompts those fans to create experiences uniquely their own.

Before you dismiss this as mere marketing or advertising, remember that the best marketing tells a story that allows customers to engage more fully into a relationship with a brand. This is work that isn’t necessarily labelled as CX, but as you’ll see, requires ongoing effort and occasional pivots to remain relevant and successful.

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