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CX leaders point out the KPIs and metrics that manage to overlook customers

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CX leaders point out the KPIs and metrics that manage to overlook customers


Sometimes you go to the conference or event to hear the speakers.

In other cases people will say they go for the networking opportunities.

Never have I heard anyone say they went to an event to hear what was said during the audience Q&A.

As an occasional speaker and event host myself, I can tell you that getting the audience to ask questions is sometimes like pulling teeth, which is why I always have a few questions up my sleeve just in case.

When questions or comments do come, they’re often off-topic, too narrowly focused or build off a minor point the speaker made.

During a recent local CX Professional Association (CXPA) chapter meeting here in Toronto, however, I was surprised by the quality of the Q&A portion — so much so I wanted to share some particularly great comments on CX metrics.

The speaker, John Dumo, is the director of CX at a technology firm called Softchoice, and he asked the crowd if they had any thoughts on what key performance indicators (KPIs) are commonly overlooked in customer experience design.

I expected to hear crickets chirping. Instead, there were hands almost immediately raised (although some of the speakers identified themselves, I’m keeping them anonymous given that they probably didn’t know a member of the media was there.).

One attendee noted that, in a digital-first world,

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