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74% of car buyers say personalized CX influences their purchase decisions

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74% of car buyers say personalized CX influences their purchase decisions

Nearly three-quarters of consumers say that that the level of personalization automotive firms and dealers offer as part of their customer experience (CX) determines the brand they pick for their next vehicle, according to research published by Acxiom.

The Conway, Ark.-based firm, which provides customer intelligence applciations, surveyed more than 1,500 people to produce its 2023 Automotive Customer Experience Study. The results were released amid the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas last week.

As with other sectors, the Acxiom data suggested that CX not only has to be personalized but streamlined. For example, 31 per cent of those surveyed said the seamlessness of a brand’s CX influenced their last vehicle purchase. An even greater proportion (34 per cent) said they might have picked a different brand if the CX had been more seamless and personalized.

Overall, 55 per cent said they felt their experience when visiting an automotive brand web site was personalized. For those visiting third-party web sites to purchase their vehicle, 41 per cent said the experienced was personalized in some way.

That said, automotive brands need to be wary of overstepping in their quest to develop a deeper relationship with car buyers, the study added.

“Brands can go too far in their efforts to personalize messaging,” Acxiom said. “Messages that speak too specifically to life changes and problems or reflect the size and composition of someone’s family have the lowest impact on increasing purchase intent and, in fact, decrease the likelihood of buying the most.”

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Given how much CX research is fairly horizontal in terms of industries covered, it’s helpful to see a study that digs deep into a particularly large vertical market. There are also findings in the survey that could help those working in other sectors, too.

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A good example is where personalization makes the biggest impact in the customer journey. Acxiom’s data suggests for auto brands, the crucial moments come close to the purchase, when buyers need to apply for financing and insurance. The study said recognizing customers and their profiles from previous purchases might have made them more open to considering other products and services, such as home insurance.

There are also external CX factors that can influence buying decisions. For 60 per cent of electric vehicle customers, for instance, the availability of charging stations outside the home is important. There might be similar important amenity considerations for those selling other big-ticket items.

One note about the experience of obtaining this research itself: the study is gated, but after filling out your information you do not get immediate access to the research. Instead, you receive a useless e-mail confirmation that tells you you’re “one step closer” to getting the study. Rather than asking people to “keep their eyes peeled,” Acxiom might want to put its foot on the gas and just hand over the report.

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