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Cisco combines WebEx Contact Center with IMIMobile to streamline customer journeys

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Cisco combines WebEx Contact Center with IMIMobile to streamline customer journeys

Cicso is incorporating technology from its recent acquisition IMIMobile into Webex Contact Center to offer what the networking giant described as a customer experience as-a-service offering for large enterprises.

Following its recent Cisco Live virtual summit, the company said IMIMobile — which it bought late last year — would turn Webex Contact Center into a single, unified communications hub for automating and orchestrating a variety of customer journeys.

In a blog post, Cisco’s Contact Center vice-president and general manager Omar Tawakol said combining IMIMobile with Webex Contact Center would bring together a range of different technologies. These included artificial intelligence, experience management, collaboration tools, omnichannel capabilities and programmability for customization.

“The goal of CXaaS is to enable an organization to understand and act on all the drivers of a customer experience – beyond the walls of the contact center,” Tawakol’s post said. “In addition to having a full understanding of that journey, the customer interaction capabilities of IMImobile will now allow the organization to act on this insight throughout the full journey and across departments within the enterprise.”

Embedded in the post was a demo of WebEx Contact Center that showed how the technologies would work in a financial services scenario.

In a voice over, an unnamed Cisco representative showed how the journey could start with a bank customer logging on to view their most recent statements. This would generate a pop-up invitation to subscribe to the bank’s WhatsApp channel as an additional way to communicate.

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The next time that customer makes a high-value transaction and their credit is low, a pre-built application flow within IMIMobile would be triggered that would check the customer’s total credit limit and whether they might be eligible to have their limit raised. If they were, the customer would receive a notification within WhatsApp to see if they were interested.

If the customer had questions — such as whether there would be higher fees associated with the increased credit limit, for example — they could be handled by a chatbot that was described as a TaskBot. The remaining part of a journey could be passed on to a live agent, who could handle more advanced questions or deploy a survey to capture the customer’s feedback.

Cisco said organizations could create similar customer journeys for vertical markets ranging from retail to utilities and more.

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