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Jan Kelly VP of customer innovation offers CX strategies for challenging times

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Jan Kelly VP of customer innovation offers CX strategies for challenging times

Among the many surprises that have emerged during COVID-19, one of the biggest for Shannon Ballard was finding out her parents had made a purchase on Wayfair.

“I didn’t even know they knew what Wayfair was,” the vice-president of innovation at B2B digital agency Jan Kelly told a virtual event produced by CXPA’s Toronto chapter late last week.

It was a good example of how, even among customers in their 70s like her parents, there is an unusual willingness during the  to try new things. This includes channels like e-commerce, which some brands were reluctant to embrace before the pandemic was under way.

“Anyone who still believes the (customer) journey map that’s on the wall of their office that they haven’t been to in months — they’re going to have to revisit that,” Ballard said.

While COVID-19 has thrown many businesses for a loop, Ballard suggested there are reasons to be optimistic, provided CX professionals are prepared to adapt. Subscribe or log in to learn:

  • The three most common COVID-19 responses among brands so far, including one that’s often overlooked
  • Ballard’s big bets on how CX will change as more businesses reopen
  • Insight from Roger Pugsley about how to strike the right notes as a business leader

The other ‘F’ word

While some companies had to shut down amid quarantine orders and others were deemed essential services, most organizations have faced the pandemic in a way that’s akin to

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