Topbox VP talks to CXPA about identifying insights, getting business unit leaders to act and calculating ROI

Former Nike CX exec talks to CXPA members about the most common reasons brands fail customers, and why surveys can't be the only source of insight

There are all kinds of definitions of what “customer experience” means, but Chris Stark’s includes one element that brands can easily forget.

“Focus deeply on what customers are saying and shift teams to become advocates for what they say,” the VP of solutions engineering at CX analytics provider Topbox told members of the CXPA during a virtual event that ran earlier this week.

In other words, you can listen to what customers say, but if you can’t get other parts of the business to act on what you hear, it won’t mean much, Stark said.

Prior to Topbox, Stark launched the Voice of the Customer program at Nike in 2016, and now he continues to get a sense of what customers need for brands ranging from Bed, Bath and Beyond to Shutterstock.

The full hour-long event is available on-demand for CXPA members on its web site, but you can also subscribe or log in here to learn:

  • The biggest reasons CX strategies can’t depend on survey data alone
  • Two examples of simple fixes that solved big CX problems
  • The two best ways to measure CX ROI, and how to calculate them

When surveys become a silo

Stark said most CX program failures can be attributed to three areas:

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