7-Eleven customer experience leader reveals how he helped address one of the chain’s biggest inconveniences

The provider of Slurpees, pizzas and other treats provides an inside look at its ServiceNow implementation at the vendor's Knowledge 2020 conference

Jerry Campbell has two sets of impressive stats about 7-Eleven, but it’s the second one that may be of the greatest interest to his peers in customer experience roles.

Speaking as part of the virtual ServiceNow Knowledge 2020 Conference that launched Tuesday, Campbell knew his audience was probably already familiar with the ubiquitous convenience store chain, but possibly not some of its bragging rights.

Jerry Campbell 7-Eleven
Jerry Campbell, 7-Eleven

These include the coining of the term “brain freeze,” the fact 7-Eleven has opened 66,000 locations in 17 countries since its launch more than 100 years ago, and the fact it serves enough Slurpees to to fill 44 Olympic-sized swimming pools.

Despite serving some 20 million pizzas and 20 million pounds of chicken wings, however, 7-Eleven is not immune to the issues that get in the way of understanding what its customers want and delivering it to them.

That’s why, in 2015, the company hired Campbell, who had previously run a call centre operation at Citibank, to become its senior manager of customer experience.

Campbell’s full presentation is available on demand for those registered to attend Knowledge 2020, but otherwise subscribe or log in to learn:

  • The staggering change in 7-Eleven’s case management numbers by making a simple change to a key process
  • The common call centre metric Campbell says he doesn’t use anymore, and what her uses instead
  • The key phrase his team came up with to guide its approach to optimizing its use of technology to improve CX.

Oh Thank Heaven For CX

Campbell said his mission at 7-Eleven was simple:

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