The sense of smell CX leaders lose out on in an online-only, self-isolating world

The founder and CEO of Karl Winters discusses scent branding -- a potential competitive advantage sidelined by COVID-19

For the past week, I’ve probably seen a dozen people post images that show a grid of faces on their computer screen as team members gather for meetings using remote working tools like Zoom.

You can often see at hint at what they’re wearing, and sometimes a few details about the room in which they’re sitting. Sometimes you can hear strange noises in the background. What you can’t do is smell anything.

This wouldn’t be an issue if virtual or digital ways to connect were largely the purview of company teams. But now that we’re in a time when customers will also rely on online experiences, I’ve realized we’re losing the kind of element that only a firm like Karl Winters can provide.

Founded in Montreal back in 2013, Karl Winters is a “scent branding” firm, which means

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