Leaders from the Golden Knights, the 76ers and ESPN give play-by-plays of how they win with CX

A hockey game, a basketball game or watching sports on TV -- secrets of an outstanding fan experience, that brands in other categories could steal

“Fan” may just be another word for “customer,” but for those in sports marketing, delivering an outstanding experience can be akin to winning the Stanley Cup or the NBA championships.

Getting fans to come back to every game and buy all your merchandise is hard enough when you’re an established name, but what if you’re starting a brand-new hockey league in a place nobody asked for one (ie, the desert)?

What if you’ve been around for a while, but you’re considered a basketball team whose glory days are long behind it?

Here’s a curveball: What if you’re not a sports team at all, but the brand responsible for telling sports stories and now struggling to stay connected to your audience?

Executives from the Las Vegas Golden Knights, the Philadelphia 76ers and ESPN have all faced unexpected setbacks and fierce competition, but they now say they’ve turned a corner by focusing on the details that prove a great fan experience can become part of the playbook for CX leaders in other industries, too.

Gold From The Golden Knights: From ‘Vegas Born’ And Beyond

It’s typical for sports fans to

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