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Zendesk Explore Enterprise adds live team dashboards to help CX pros act faster

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Zendesk Explore Enterprise adds live team dashboards to help CX pros act faster

Zendesk Explore Enterprise

Zendesk this week said it was responding to the increased volumes of customer service issues and the rise of remote work with Explore Enterprise, which is designed to draw real-time insights from multiple products.

The San Francisco-based software provider said customer experience (CX) professionals at Mailchimp and Etsy were among the first to use Explore Enterprise, which is now a part of the Zendesk CRM platform.

Described as an analytics offering, Explore Enterprise could be used to provide information collected via Zendesk Support, Talk, Chat, Sell and Guide, the company said. That means a CX team could identify which channels customers are primarily using for support in order to prioritize the work of a service team.

Beyond that, however, Explore Enterprise could be used to let those working in multiple lines of business respond to customer issues more cohesively, according to Zendesk. Dashboards can be shared and embedded, even in third-party software tools such as Slack.

“For example, when a CX leader sees a support team falling behind on ticket resolution, they can promptly test potential solutions and implement the option that makes the most impactful change for agents,” the company said in a statement. “Additionally, a CX leader can see an increase in the number of page views about processing refunds and can adjust existing knowledge base content to better help customers get the answer they are looking for faster.”

In an interview with TechCrunch, Zendesk vice-president of product Jon Aniano noted that COVID-19 has not only put more pressure on customer service teams, but has forced many to adopt a work-from-home model. That means they’re not all going to see the same monitor that might be hanging in a contact centre.

At the same time, customers are as likely to reach out via WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or Twitter as they are a more propriety channel.

“With the shift to messaging, there are new demands on contact centers to be able to handle real-time interactions at scale with their customers,” Aniano told the publication.

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Zendesk quoted Colin Wilkinson, senior manager of agent enablement and member services at Etsy, who said Explore Enterprise has increased his team’s visibility and insight to keep pace with customer expectations for faster mean time to resolution and other metrics.

“We’re now able to surface problem areas from our tickets, quickly fix routing rules, and identify training opportunities for our team,” Wilkinson was quoted as saying.

Zendesk said Explore Enterprise will be generally available at the end of this month. In July, the company continued to expand its support for additional channels when it announced its customers would have direct access to messages from through Apple Business Chat.

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