Zendesk studies startup spending on customer service tools as part of a CX strategy

Depending on how you define 'fast growing,' investing in technology to help agents is a key success factor, benchmark report suggests

Startups that want a good chance of succeeding based on the quality of the customer experience they provide should focus on shortening wait times for support, embrace self-service and give their agents advanced tools, according to a report from Zendesk.

The San Francisco-based firm released its CX Benchmark Report for Startups late last week (which is ungated, by the way). Much like some research divides those it studies into “leaders” and “laggards based on their business performance, the Zendesk report gives particular attention to fast-growing startups.

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Who are you calling ‘fast growing’?

Zendesk said the bulk of the CX Benchmark Report for Startups is

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