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Qualtrics evolves from ‘Experience Matters’ blog to XM Institute community

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Qualtrics evolves from ‘Experience Matters’ blog to XM Institute community

Qualtrics XM Institute

Qualtrics on Tuesday officially launched what it called a “resource destination” called the XM Institute, along with plans for a series of certification programs that will roll out between now and the end of the year.

Best known for its survey software and run out of Utah and Seattle, Qualtrics, which is owned by SAP, had teased the XM Institute late last month in the final post of its blog, Experience Matters.

“I’m very excited! The integration of this blog is just one of many very cool features of the XM Institute’s new ‘home,'” Bruce Tempkin, a former VP of Forrester who will lead the Institute, wrote.

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Whereas the blog was an isolated platform, Qualtrics is designing the XM Institute to include

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