‘CX godmother’ Jeanne Bliss offers three ways for companies to shape the way customers remember them

The author of 'Chief Customer Officer' joins a virtual event produced by Eight Inc. to explore 'Tomorrow's Human Experience'

It’s a story Jeanne Bliss admits she’d told before, but it has new meaning as companies try to figure out the future of customer experiences amid COVID-19.

Long before she co-founded the CPXA, authored books like Chief Customer Officer and became known as ‘the godmother of customer experience,’ the founder and president of Customer Bliss was raised by a father who ran a Buster Brown Shoe store in a suburb outside of Chicago. This was where Bliss learned some of her earliest CX lessons.

“He was the guy who put the very first pair of shoes on a little one’s foot. But he also made sure it was the right shoe, not the fancy shoe,” Bliss recalled during a panel discussion last week organized by experience design agency Eight Inc. called Tomorrow’s Human Experience: The Time is Now.

“When he left, there was a line of people three blocks long stood to stay goodbye to him,” she said. “Our job (as leaders) is to decide, what’s our three blocks long?”

In other words, Bliss says the pandemic marks an opportunity for organizations to think deeply about how they want to be remembered. And she shared three key ways organizations can make sure this becomes a part of their DNA. Subscribe or log in to find out what they are, and what others during the event added to the discussion.

The ultimate COVID-19 response

Having worked at organizations that include Land’s End, Microsoft and Mazda, Bliss said the

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