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What Zoomcar, Kin, Smokeball and other startups are getting right about CX

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What Zoomcar, Kin, Smokeball and other startups are getting right about CX

One of the many challenges facing many CX professionals — much like their counterparts in marketing, sales or other parts of a brand — is simply keeping on top of everything they could be reading. 

I’m going to try and help by regularly curating the best writing on customer experience management (CXM) I come across online, and looking for actionable ideas you can apply on the job. Here’s a few to get started.  

On CustomerThink, Samson Lee argues that most customer transformations are impossible, unaffordable, or both. He offers an approach dubbed “Pragmatic CX” that’s essentially based on focusing on customer success, delivering a brand promise and driving repeat customers. 

CX Pros Are Innocent!

On Forbes, Black Morgan does a roundup of would-be industry disruptors across markets like transportation, e-commerce and even journalism to see what they’re doing that’s working. Many of the 10 examples are based upon gathering all the right data first and building a CX strategy around it, which is common sense but often missed, even by bigger firms. 

At a time when “influencer” has almost become a dirty word among marketers and ad agencies, meanwhile, I was intrigued by this Business2Community post on the idea of a CX influencer — someone with enough experience and insights that they could help shape the experiences a particular brand offers. 



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