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Kustomer App Marketplace aimed at easing the journey to offering omnichannel CX

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Kustomer App Marketplace aimed at easing the journey to offering omnichannel CX

Kustomer App Marketplace

Kustomer on Tuesday said was responding to what its CEO described as the growing “Frankenstack” of customer experience tools cobbled together by brands with a marketplace of apps designed to easily integrate with its core customer relationship management platform.

The New York-based firm, which made headlines late last year when it was acquired by Facebook for more than $1 billion, said it would curate the tools that get added to the  Kustomer App Marketplace.

Some of the sample categories available in the marketplace include apps to assist with e-commerce, analytics, productivity and anything else that would help companies turn its CRM into a platform for omnichaannel CX operations.

Among the first apps announced in the marketplace is UJET, which offers a set of cloud-based contact centre tools designed specifically to run on smartphones. Shopify, DialPad and TalkDesk were also listed in the marketplace. 

Kustomer did not offer details on the number of apps in its marketplace at launch. Spokespeople for the company had yet to respond to 360 Magazine at press time.

Expanding from a set of proprietary products and services has been a standard move for companies that want to increase adoption and position their portfolio as a true platform. Salesforce, for example, has hosted its AppXchange marketplace for many years, allowing third-party developers to showcase tools that integrate with its CRM, marketing automation and customer service tools (Disclosure: I provide content marketing services to Salesforce in Canada).  Oracle has a cloud marketplace as well. 

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More specific to the CX space, meanwhile, is Qualtrics, which runs its own XM marketplace, though it is more focused on its own prebuilt projects and programs. Zendesk also offers a marketplace with hundreds of third-party tools.

Kustomer said its marketplace would ease companies from relying on developer resources by offering one-click install for the apps they want. This in turn would make it easier to set up dashboards that provide more visibility to service agents and a centralized way to manage customer data.

Later this week Kustomer will host a webinar to discuss strategies to build a more effective tech stack for CX purposes.

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