Kustomer CEO predicts machine learning will change customer service expectations and results

Brad Birnbaum suggests COVID-19 will place a greater emphasis on timely responses from agents, who will need better tools

Kustomer on Wednesday will release what it calls an intelligence platform that uses machine learning technologies to free up service agents’ time by automating responses to all but the most complex questions and complaints.

Based in New York, Kustomer’s applications use visual cards to organize contextual details about a customer (such as past orders and shipping details) alongside information from apps and other events. The technology can then let agents respond with predefined text to boost responsiveness.

Brad Birnbaum, KustomerIQ
Brad Birnbaum,

KustomerIQ was originally announced at the software-as-a-service company’s user conference last Fall, but its launch is particularly relevant amid the spread of COVID-19, its co-founder and CEO, Brad Birnbaum, told 360 Magazine.

As more companies shut their physical doors in response to the novel Coronavirus, for example, a tool like KustomerIQ will

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