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Sendoso chief customer officer says connection is now more important than a product

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Sendoso chief customer officer says connection is now more important than a product

Allison Tiscornia Sendoso CX

“WE’RE HERE FOR YOU’ may be the basic theme of many of the messages brands are sending out amid the pandemic, but customers are likely looking for something more specific and helpful, according to the chief customer officer of Sendoso.

Based in San Francisco, Sendoso describes itself as a “sending platform,” where B2B brands can send custom boxes with swag and gifts as part off a marketing campaign to their clients. Sendoso calls these “Physical Impressions” because they have a tactile impact that transcends the increasingly digital-first nature of many CX and marketing initiatives.

It’s perhaps natural, therefore, that Sendoso’s Alli Tiscorniam would be thinking a lot about how brands are interacting with their customers — perhaps in ways that she suggests are too scattershot to be truly effective.

“Customer communication post-pandemic is going to be much more intentional,” Tiscornia told 360 Magazine via e-mail. “Customers and prospects are nearing peak email and soliciting fatigue. Customer experience professionals will need to focus on value-based communications. Ask yourself ‘If I’m taking time out of a customer’s day, what am I adding back into it?’”

The knee-jerk reaction of the business world is somewhat understandable, Tiscornia said, given that many leaders have been busy rushing to convert operations remotely and faced drastic revenue upheaval.

As the economy continues to reopen, however, she recommended brands condense their  communications into digestible parts and focus on what is most useful to the customer in their immediate future.

“Better yet, call your customers if you have an established, consistent relationship. If you don’t adapt, don’t expect a reply,” she said.

This means not only being thoughtful but ensuring you have the capabilities to measure  the impact of customer communications and optimize for greater impact. This is something Sendoso is exploring as well, Tiscornia said.

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“We’re looking at tools that help us manage the health of our customers, such as measuring sentiment, interactions, transactions and more. We need a tool that can do multiple things and provide multiple data points,” she said. “In the context of a recession, retaining healthy clients with future growth potential is the primary way we are proving our value. The appropriate data allows us to tie findings back to net customer retention and satisfaction, proving the value of CX to high leadership.”

This will only become more important as in-person conversations, such as sales meetings and conference events, occur less frequently and more companies embrace permanent remote working options, Tiscornia added.

“With limited opportunities to put a face to a name, each interaction with a customer needs to differentiate your brand,” she said, suggesting firms can show appreciation through personalized touchpoints such as a direct mail item or an eGift. “Customer connection is now just as important to your brand as the product itself. Transactional relationships might’ve flown in the past, but meaningful connections with customers will play a large role in the new normal.”

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