Tymeshift chief brand officer co-authors book about CX leaders’ origin stories

Elisa Reggiardo discusses the 'Undefined World' that execs from Zendesk, Shopify and other firms have successfully conquered

The question ‘How did you become a CX leader?” can be answered in many different ways, and a new book co-authored by the chief brand officer at Tymeshift is showcasing some of the possibilities for the benefit of the wider profession.

Launched on Monday, Undefined World: Life In CX and Beyond was written by Elisa Reggiardo — who oversees branding at the Lisbon-based workforce management firm that works exclusively with Zendesk — alongside Alexa Huth, who works at the firm as a content creator.

Undefined World profiles executives with not only Zendesk but Shopify, Postmates, Talkdesk, Farfetch, and LevelUp. The idea, according to Reggiardo, was to recognize that the CX career path is rarely a linear one, but that it’s possible to find success with  backgrounds that include (but are not limited to) customer service and support.

“Defined roles within CX are often very tied to each company’s particular organizational needs. They haven’t really been standardized,” Reggiardo told 360 Magazine. “But they’re creating these new roles and titles because they realize that CX is not something that simply happens across any company. You have to be purposeful about it.”

Reggiardo said she was inspired to write the book after researching product management roles and exploring how workforce managers — one of Tymeshift’s key customer targets — attained their current position. From there, she broadened the scope to consider CX overall.

What emerged, she said, was that CX leaders who began in service and support roles quickly realized their knowledge of customer issues is critical across organizations.

“That’s the beauty of support (jobs) — you can get into it because you need a job or speak languages, but your unique skills can take you into all those different roles,” she said. “Someone who’s more of a people person might get into a management role or customer success role. Another person who’s more about numbers and analytics might move into workforce management.”

Elisa Reggiardo Tymeshift
Elisa Reggiardo, co-author, Undefined World

Among the common threads throughout Undefined World’s profile subjects is an increased realization of the connection between employee experience and CX, Reggiardo said, citing the concept of an ‘employee NPS’ that could indicate whether staff are recommending the brand they work for or not.

“We used to look at support agents as if they were a chair, an object we could throw away whenever we wanted. Now we’re seeing these human beings, and recognizing them as our most valued asset. if your agents aren’t happy, they obviously will be less likely provide an amazing support experience to your customer.” said, citing the concept of an ‘employee NPS’ that could indicate whether staff are recommending the brand they work for or not.

Through it obviously aligns with Tymeshift’s mission, Reggiardo said the book wasn’t written as part of a particular marketing strategy but almost as more of a side project — something where customers could see themselves in the pages and perhaps draw some inspiration.

“The entire plan was making people feel identified. The fact is, there are so many hidden opportunities within CX. People are sometimes not really sure on where to get a job or whether it’s worth it. They may have skills or a background but they’re not thinking ‘I can build upon that.’ You can.”

Tymeshift is making a limited number of free copies of Undefined World available and is selling it online.

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